How to change the head of the rotary mop
Release time: Dec,27,2019 Number of visits: 132

  1. First place the rotary mop on a flat surface, and firmly press the board with your feet, as close as possible to the metal part.


  2. Hold the handle of the mop with your left hand and rotate the base part counterclockwise. When you hear a "click", it means that the handle and the head of the mop are separated. At this time, you can remove the old mop head.


  3. Clean the mop handle with water and a steel wire ball. Prepare a new mop head and lay it flat on the ground. Rotate the mop handle clockwise toward the center of the head and it will also generate a "click" sound, indicating that the installation is complete.


  4. Lift the mop and observe carefully to see if the mop head and mop handle completely match, if you can, you can use it normally.